Blood Ceremony – “Let It Come Down” SINGLE (2014)


Label: Rise Above Records

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

Blood Ceremony is back with a new single, released in coincidence with their European tour as headliners, in May. “Let it Come Down” is comprised of two tracks, the homonymous single and an Iron Claw cover, “Loving You”. The single is a limited edition vinyl and the tracks have been exclusively recorded for this occasion, making this piece a gem for long-time fans and collectors. The music is a compilation of Blood Ceremony’s main elements. The first track is straightforward, groovy and with a really nice change of tempo right at the beginning. Alia O’Brien‘s voice is fitting for the band’s sound, but her strongest contribution is her stunning work on the flute, able to switch seamlessly from folk tunes to Jethro Tull-like solos that really give a nice twist to their vintage hard rock style. One thing that’s missing, compared to Blood Ceremony‘s usual sound, is the occult, the darker atmosphere of the songs, but doesn’t make this single less enjoyable than it already is. The song structure is simple and catchy, but it also gives space to all the instruments, uncovering a really nice bass line. “Loving You”, the Iron Claw cover, is a good rearrangement of a song not too far from Blood Ceremony‘s own musical inventory, but the band did a good job in both keeping the original identity of the song while still injecting it with their own distinctive tunes. This vinyl may be a bit hard to get, but it’s definitely worth a listen and it’s proof that Blood Ceremony is a band we should keep our eyes (and ears) on in the future.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Let it Come Down
  2. Loving You


Line Up

  • Alia O’Brien – Vocals, Flute, Organ
  • Sean Kennedy – Guitars
  • Lucas Gadke – Bass
  • Michael Carrillo – Drums


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