BLOODY UNICORN – “Of Monsters Under The Bed” EP (2019)



Review by Tatianny Ruiz

Italian scene, point your eyes at Camposampiero and welcome to the time to talk about the powerful triad of melodic death metal BLOODY UNICORN and the ethereal debut EP ‘Of Monsters Under the Bed‘ released this year on September 5th. First I want to sound a warning, do not be fooled by the sweet eyes of the beautiful Eva, this woman sounds fierce as a beast. And absolutely don’t get attached to “Unicorn” in the band name, they will take you on a darker journey than you imagined on this album, so be fully aware that ‘Of Monsters Under the Bed‘ is an album to impress you, like a wine and the bitter unusual. You might be wondering “What does that mean?” and what I can tell you is that cover and name composure are a trap, and although the intro track ‘Rising of the Dormant Mind‘ sounds softly masterful and epic the band throws you into combustion riffs, slappy drumming and the blackened vocals of Eva in ‘Crushing Down‘. I miss a bit of guitar solo lines but Davy‘s work pays off the structure a lot and Eva intersperses between clean and heavy guttural vocals. ‘Running Out of Time‘ retains much of the same scheme and the title track ‘Of Monsters Under the Bed‘ further extols the melodies and I simply love the distinctive atmosphere created with brief organ and pulsating drum turns, indeed Lorenzo sounds like the soul of this band. Although we get a differentiated work from scandinavian death metal that has become almost a standard, it predisposes the drums to abrupt and meticulously fitted counter-times. If on the one hand we talk about darker perceptions the next track ‘Faith‘ plunges into a totally different theme and although I feel some mismatch between the instrumental and vocal at various points the track still sounds strong in parallel to the brief moments of symphony. Unfortunately we said goodbye to the album on ‘Forgiven‘ and certainly one of the best and sharp tracks of this work. All the instrumentation sounds powerful here and Eva snatches the listeners with vocals soaring and culminating in the cadence of a clearer voice. Sure, there are a few simple flaws here and there but ‘Of Monsters Under the Bed‘ is a debut capable enough to keep the audience looking forward to full-length.

Rating – 80/100


  1. Rising of the Dormant Mind (Intro)
  2. Crushing Down
  3. Running Out Of Time
  4. Of Monsters Under The Bed
  5. Faith
  6. Forgiven

Line Up:

  • Lorenzo Telve – Drums
  • Davy Scarpellini – Guitars
  • Irene “Eva” Scapin – Vocals



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