Blues Pills – “Blues Pills” (2014)


Label: Nuclear Blast

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

Blues Pills’s self-titled debut album is a journey through time. The band manages to incorporate and mix together soul, blues and rock’n’roll to deliver an incredibly energetic performance where everything is in the right place.

The first track, “High Class Woman”, is also the first single and it introduces all the main elements of the band’s sound, from Elin Larsson’s amazingly incisive voice to the fine guitarwork of Dorian Sorriaux. Blues Pills shifts from standard paces to surprising progressions, like the noteworthy half-ballad “Black Smoke”. “River” is a more pensive, almost melancholic song, that shows the band’s ability to portray different moods. The album features previously released songs, like “Devil Man”, or rearrangements from older works. “Gypsy” is another highlight, with its frantic percussions and acute, almost “spicy” vocals. “Little Sun” completes this really good debut album with an emotional performance from Elin and the whole band. Voice and instruments become one and support each other, reaching a much needed balance.

Not even one second is wasted and each note is placed to offer the best listening experience possible. It’s literally impossible to keep still once you press play. “Blues Pills” is a statement of quality and a record you’ll definitely end up looping on your player of choice, no matter what.

Rating – 80/100



  1. High Class Woman
  2. Ain’t No Change
  3. Jupiter
  4. Black Smoke
  5. River
  6. No Hope Left For Me
  7. Devil Man
  8. Astralplane
  9. Gypsy (CHUBBY CHECKER cover)
  10. Little Sun


Line Up

  • Elin Larsson – Vocals
  • Dorian Sorriaux – Guitars
  • Zack Anderson – Bass
  • Cory Berry – Drums


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