BO-PEEP – “THANK YOU” (2015)


Independent Release

Review by Warren Mayocchi

“THANK YOU” is a relatively short album at 34 minutes. BO-PEEP are a band with a sound the is something of a cross of minimal sixties guitar rock and punk. In fact they choose Alternative Punk as their genre. If I am to pick a similar band I will choose The Ting Tings with more attitude or the White Stripes. BO-PEEP are a three-piece band when performing live but on their website Mika Yoshimura (Vocals, Guitar), Ryoko Nakano (Drums) are listed as the members. So the addition of a bass player maybe only for their live shows. The album begins with “Hello” – no time is wasted, a guitar riff a bit like part of the Batman theme starts and does not let up. Ryoko enters with a crash of cymbals, then Mika‘s shrill vocals kick in and the band are flying. With a powerful opener like this I wonder about the rest of the album, but the pace is relentless, they deliver song after song of guitars, riffs, and in your face vocals. “Let’s Go Bananas” is an escalating stomp that delivers the half way point of the album. They do not stop to breathe though, “RISE UP” follows, perhaps they are giving us encouragement to keep up with the pace. “Chameleon Sustain” begins a bit like a Creedence song but then becomes reminiscent of the Rogue Traders “Watching You”. BO-PEEP work their sparse drum and guitar crunch to the bone, and then they break the bone. They will take you on a high-octane trip from the first sound of this record to the close. It is great music, I dare you to restrict yourself to foot tapping while listening to this!

Rating – 87/100



  1. Hello
  2. 連想ゲーム
  3. Thank You
  4. Lets Go Bananas
  5. RISE UP
  7. カメレオンサスティン
  8. YOU & I


Line Up

  • Mika Yoshimura – Guitar & Vocals
  • Ryoko Nakano – Drums

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