Burning Point – “Burning Point” (2015)


Label: AFM Records

Review by CriX

Finland’s melodic power metal Burning Point has been active since the late 90’s and since then the band has released 5 studio albums. Recently guitarist (and former vocalist) Pete Ahonen asked to ex-Battle Beast singer Nitte Valo to join the band as new vocalist and this selftitled album represents for the band a sort of manifesto because it includes 5  previously unreleased songs plus 6 more Burning Point re-recorded classics (also we have Kiss‘s “I Have Had Enough (In to the Fire)” too) . The album is a breathless work where Nitte‘s roaring vocals fits just perfectly on the heavy metal riffs. All the brand new songs offered on this platter are very good but “All the Madness” deserves a special mention for its amazing guitar arpeggios whereas  “Signs of Danger for its catchiness; “Heart of Gold” too it has interesting balance between changes of rhythms and guitar solos.
Listening to this album it’s impossible to not headbanging, everything sounds perfect and it’s an album that every metalhead needs absolutly in their collection.

Rating- 90/100



  1. In the Shadows
  2. All the Madness (Previously Unreleased)
  3. Signs Of Danger (Previously Unreleased)
  4. Find Your Soul
  5. Heart of Gold (Previously Unreleased)
  6. My Darkest Times
  7. Dawn of the Ancient War (Previously Unreleased)
  8. Into the Fire (Previously Unreleased)
  9. Queen of Fire
  10. Blackened the Sun (Previously Unreleased)
  11. I’ve Had Enough (Into the Fire)


Line Up

  • Nitte Valo – Vocals
  • Pete Ahonen – Guitars
  • Pekka Kolivuori – Guitars
  • Sammy Nyman – Bass
  • Jarkko Väisänen – Keyboards
  • Jussi Ontero – Drums





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