Celestial Wish – Demo (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From the U.K., Celestial Wish plays ethereal gothic rock/metal. Their new 4-song demo has a certain quality that is eerie, a bit avant-garde and still possibly commercially viable. It may be a bit of a stretch to call them a metal band – they certainly have that in them – but musically Celestial Wish creates a definite atmosphere on these demos.

Celestial Wish is a band that I will admit that I had no idea what to make of at first. The opening song “His Kingdom Come” has a melancholic vibe with Saneeta Ram’s sweet, angelic vocals leading the way. In addition to Saneeta the band also includes a second female Amy Lewis on guitar and Daniel Carpenter also on guitar. The electronic intro opens the next song “Puri Sermonis Amator”. This song is pretty similar in style and presentation to the previous number. “Your Song” is a pretty ballad with the piano being the main instrument. Celestial Wish picks up the pace a bit with the best song (in my opinion) “Our Creation”, which brings the demo to a conclusion.Celestial Wish may not be for everyone and the tempo and mood of the songs very rarely varies, but still the band shows a lot of promise throughout the 20-minutes worth of music contained within.

Rating – 73/100



  1. His Kingdom Come
  2. Puri Sermonis Amator
  3. Your Song
  4. Our Creation


Line Up

  • Saneeta Ram – Vocals
  • Daniel Carpenter – Lead, Rhythm Guitar
  • Amy Lewis – Lead, Rhythm Guitar


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