Celestial Wish – “Our Creation” EP (2014)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Celestial Wish is a symphonic/gothic metal duo (later in 2014 drummer Micheal Brush was added to the line up)  from Birmingham, UK. Their debut EP “Our Creation” was released several months ago and throughout the 6-songs available here the band show a great affinity for writing melodic songs, with plenty of atmosphere.

The 28-minute EP starts off strongly with “Our Creation”. They follow that with the excellent “His Kingdom Come”. “Your Song” is a Within Temptation-ish piano driven ballad. Lead vocalist and lyricist Saneeta has got a pretty cool operatic voice but doesn’t over-do it, she knows when to rein it in and is much more concerned with making it fit into the song rather than doing vocal gymnastics. She is joined by the talented guitarist/composer Daniel Carpenter. “Dear Beloved” begins with a piano intro before segueing into a beautifully bombastic, deliberately paced mid-tempo song. The duo of “The Highwayman” and “Crossing the River” brings this set to a close.

Celestial Wish have lifted the veil and with “Our Creation” unleashed a pretty damned impressive EP. I am really curious to see where they go from here, but “Our Creation” is not bad for starters.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Our Creation
  2. His Kingdom Come
  3. Your Song
  4. Dear Beloved
  5. The Highwayman
  6. Crossing the River


Line Up

  • Saneeta Ram – Vocals
  • Daniel Carpenter – Lead Guitar/Orchestral Composer


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