Chastain – “We Bleed Metal” (2015)


Label: Leviathan Records/Pure Steel Records

Review by Tony Cannella

“We Bleed Metal” is the none too subtle title of the new Chastain record and it could not be more appropriate. This is the second go round for the band since Leather Leone rejoined the band. Their last album “Surrender to No One” was a great re-introduction to the band but “We Bleed Metal” kicks things up a notch (or several). “We Bleed Metal” serves as a fine introduction. Lead vocalist Leather Leone sounds as she always had as if no time has passed at all and David T. Chastain is shredding all over this record and he has written some of his heaviest riffs yet. “All Hail the King” is huge with tons of swagger and attitude. “Against All the Gods” follows and it is another solid track. Other highlights include: “Search Time for You”, “Don’t Trust Tomorrow” and “I Am a Warrior”. From tracks 1-9 and for 46-minutes Chastain delivers a sonic metal assault. “We Bleed Metal” is a serious, no holds barred metal record. It reminds me how great Chastain were back in the 80s and in 2015 they haven’t lost any of the fire and hunger that they have always had.

Rating – 95/100



  1. We Bleed Metal
  2. All Hail the King
  3. Against All the Gods
  4. Search Time for You
  5. Don’t Trust Tomorrow
  6. I Am a Warrior
  7. Evolution of Terror
  8. The Last Ones Alive
  9. Secrets



  • Leather Leone – Vocals
  • David T. Chastain – Guitars
  • Mike Skimmerhorn – Bass
  • Stian Kristoffersen – Drums

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