Chelsea Wolfe – “Prayer for the Unborn” [Latitude Sessions] (2012)


Label : Southern Records

Review by Davide Torresan

Chelsea Wolfe is an American singer-songwriter and eponymous band from California. She released two albums: “The Grime and the Glow” in 2010 and “Apokalypsis” in 2011. Recently it came out a collection of acoustic songs: “Unknown Rooms”. It is not easy to identify the genre that this girl proposes, but she suggests us the term “specific brand of drone-metal-art-folk”. “Prayer for the Unborn” is a sort of quirk, experiment. Indeed Chelsea reproposes with her own style five songs of the English anarcho-punk band Rudimentary Peni. The change is literally radical since these songs have nothing to do with punk. They have a rock soul closer to alternative rock. Guitars are often used with fingerpicking. There are parts more quiet and others a little bit faster. Each song in the album is similar to the next one, and they show us a good singer. Chelsea‘s voice is really hypnotic and soothing. Maybe a little too much. Honestly she remembered me PJ Harvey, but with a doom and dark attitude. This collection, in short, is definitely recommended for her fans.

Rating – 60/100



  1. A Handful of Dust
  2. Echo
  3. Black on Gold + Sickening for Something
  4. Dissolution + Rehearsal for Mortality
  5. Prayer for the Unborn


Line Up

  • Chelsea Wolfe – Vocals


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