Label: Epic/Sony Music Finland

Review by CriX

What happens if you put an actress, a cellist and 2 established musicians in the same band? An explosion of energy and pure rock music. Cherry & the Vipers is a Finnish rock band is formed by singer and actress Kirsi Ylijoki, the guitarist is Samuel Leminen, the bassist is Jarkko Strengell and finally we have Apocalyptica‘s  Eicca Toppinen playing the drums instead of his cello. Someone could think that’s something peculiar but you have to absolutly check out their debut album, it’s a good work, and if you like rock music, well, this is the band that you were looking for. “Rakkauden punk” introduces the album and it gives the right boost with Kirsi‘s scratchy vocals that give us an overall vision about their explosive music style.

The semiballad “Lemmenpeitto”, of which was shot a music-video, deserves a special mention for Samuel‘s awesome guitar riff. “Donna konna” and the first singl e“Rauta vai rakkautta”  probably are the catchiest tracs of the whole album ’cause it will immediatly stuck in your head and you’ll cannot stop to sing them. Instead if  you like punk music, well, “Lemmentaikuri” is the right song for you. If “Highway” and “Likaiset kädet” brings us back to the glorious 80’s heavy metal style with its hot and sensual overtones, the last track “Me kaksi lasta”, the only real ballad of this album, shows a different musical side of Cherry & the Vipers: the song’s peculiarity stands in its spoken intro and Kirsi‘s softier vocals.  As a whole the band has achieved to produce a sincere and at the same a brilliant release.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Rakkauden punk
  2. Lemmenpeitto
  3. Donna konna
  4. Likaiset kädet
  5. Rautaa vai rakkautta
  6. Lemmentaikuri
  7. Tuuliviiri
  8. Ero
  9. Highway
  10. Me kaksi lasta


Line Up

  • Kirsi Ylijoki -Vocals
  • Samuel Leminen- Guitar & vocals
  • Jarkko Strengell – Bass
  • Eicca Toppinen – Drums



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