Cinnamun Beloved – “The Weirdest Moment” (2015)


Label: Crysella Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Cinnamun Beloved formed in 2011 and quickly recorded their debut album “The Weirdest Moment”. If you look at the history of the band they have been promoting this album for some time. There is a 2012 concert – “The Live Moments” – on the band’s YouTube page. It is now 2015 and the album has been released to the worldwide market after the band joined with Crysella Records. Gothic Metal is the musical genre mentioned on the band’s Facebook page, though that covers a lot of territory for Cinnamun Beloved.

Argentina is home for Cinnamun Beloved – maybe the diverse range of sound on this album is a result of being created in a non-European location? Personally I love hearing music created by bands from across the world, because the creative boundaries evident in some regions are disregarded elsewhere. Two versions of “Through the Wind” are included on the album and they highlight this diversity, or perhaps disregard for creative boundaries. One version is heavier, the other is more electronic, both are good. “Distant Memories”, “Secret Paths”, and many of the songs on the album could easily be classed as symphonic metal. “Leaving Myself” is an excellent slower, piano, strings and vocal track. “Never Asleep” is a reason to buy the album by itself – it has some beautiful melodic vocal moments.

The band have great content on their YouTube channel – live music, music videos, cover songs – it is worth a look. While “The Weirdest Moment” has been available for a few years, the music sounds fresh and has many interesting moments while staying squarely within the symphonic/gothic/metal genre. All vocals are clean, with some spoken lines and one track has a guest male vocalist. With the quality of album presented here by Cinnamun Beloved it really is easy for us to support bands from across the world. This is great for music in general because of the new creative influences that can be introduced. Bravo Cinnamun Beloved.

Rating – 89/100


  1. Nothing There
  2. Distant Memories
  3. Before the Storm
  4. Hysterical
  5. Never Asleep
  6. Secret Paths
  7. Leaving Myself
  8. Through the Wind
  9. Coming Around
  10. Something to Remember Me By
  11. Through the Wind (Band Version)


Line Up

  • Sabrina Filipcic – Vocals & Keyboards
  • Rodrigo Gudiña – Guitars
  • Marcelo Bracalente – Bass
  • Jorge Perini – Drums


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