CONFIDENTIAL – “Devil Inside” (2022)

The Norwegian symphonic metal band Confidential has literally made QUITE the impression to our editor Tony so much to definite “Devil Inside” “one of the best debut albums I have heard in quite a while”. Read more in our blog.

CONFIDENTIAL – “Devil Inside” (2022)

Massacre Records/Suburban/Bertus

Review by Tony Cannella

CONFIDENTIAL - "Devil Inside" (2022)

Confidential is a Symphonic Metal Band from Norway.  The band has just released its debut album “Devil Inside” via Massacre Records and even though this is only the debut the band has the self-confidence and presentation of a seasoned band.

The intro track “Prelude to Resurrection” opens with a crow cawing and the sound of thunder before settling into a beautiful cinematic piece. The fantastic title track “The Devil Inside” really kicks thing into high gear; it has a cool prog-like keyboard solo that leads into a shredding guitar solo mid-song. “Salvation” is next and features an awesome duet with Confidential frontwoman Astrid K Mjøen and ex-Amaranthe clean singer Jake E

This is another burner of a track, and I really like where the band is coming from lyrically; it incorporates that passion and emotion that the lyrics convey into the performances. The ballad “Forever Angel” is next and is the best of the slower songs on the record. “Release My Symphony” is next and after a symphonic style opening the song transforms into a tremendous straight-forward track. The haunting “Historia” is next and is followed by the equally evocative “Queen of the Dark“. Other highlights include: “Brother of My Soul”, “Prophecies” and “Black Angel” which closes the record.

With “Devil Inside”, Confidential has released one of the best debut albums I have heard in quite a while. The band hits on all cylinders and delivers a damn fine record. I believe that Confidential will be a force to reckon with in the crowded symphonic metal field. 


  1. Prelude To Resurrection – Intro
  2. Devil Inside
  3. Salvation (Feat. Jake E.)
  4. Forever Angel
  5. Release My Symphony
  6. Historia
  7. Queen of the Dark
  8. Brother of My Soul
  9. Prophecies
  10. My Evermore
  11. My Kiss of Death
  12. Black Angel

Line Up

  • Astrid K Mjøen – Vocals
  • David Hovde – Lead Guitars
  • Frode Hovd – Rhythm Guitars
  • Charlotte Stav – Synth, Piano, Backing Vocals

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