Conquer Divide – “Conquer Divide” (2015)


Label: Artery Recordings

Review by Alysha Hayden

Conquer Divide’s self titled album is a debut for the six women that make up this multi-continent band. Their search to find the right combination took them all over the world which now has the band based in the UK as well as the US. In listening to this album you wouldn’t pick that the band does not contain one male. Especially with the screaming vocals which are delivered exquisitely by Janel. She reaches that deep register effortlessly. Conquer Divide opens with a cleverly titled track, “Sink Your Teeth Into This” and wow do the ladies give you a taste of their sound. They waste no time getting into their well constructed lyrics with clean vocalist Kiarley’s sound close to that of Hayley Williams from Paramore. It sounds like Paramore may have inspired a little of “Eyes Wide Shut” with a similar fast rock sound to much of their popular tracks. However Conquer Divide have Janel’s vocals to kick the style up to the next metal level. “Nightmares” is a powerful track which will bring you from your knees and give you strength to conquer also the ladies have recorded a video which I recommend watching and giving a thumbs up to. “At War” keeps the positive self empowering theme going with a strong sound that cements these women as a threat. Produced by the famous Joey Sturgis, this album will challenge every predisposition you have on all female metal bands. I dare you to find a track that doesn’t enthrall you. Conquer Divide. Remember that name as these six have a bright future in this industry.

Review – 90/100


  1. Sink Your Teeth Into This
  2. Self-Destruct
  3. Eyes Wide Shut
  4. Nightmares
  5. Lost
  6. What’s Left Inside
  7. At War
  8. Despicable You
  9. Heavy Lies the Crown
  10. Broken


Line Up

  • Kiarely – Vocals (clean)
  • Janel – Vocals (screaming)
  • Kristen – Guitar
  • Izzy – Guitar
  • Sarah – Bass
  • Tamara – Drums

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