Continuum – “Rise and Fall” (2012)


Label : Ear One Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

From my home state of Connecticut comes the melodic thrash metal band Continuum. They have recently released their debut full-length “Rise and Fall” and man, this is one intense slice of power thrash. “Rise and Fall” has an aggression, power and energy that doesn’t let up for a second. Continuum definitely brings to mind classic thrash bands of days gone by, while still managing to add their own brutal twist. “Rise and Fall” is 9-songs and 36-minutes worth of thrash metal mayhem. Lead vocalist Brenda St. Amant leads the charge with her guttural screaming vocal delivery, but she also adds touches of clean vocals here and there. The chaos begins with “Waters Rising”, a song complete with old school crunchy thrash riffs and technical proficiency that should help set Continuum apart from their peers. “Reckoning” is next and continues with a barrage of in-your-face riffs and strong performances all the way around. Continuum also offers a bit of melody amongst the thrash chaos. “Dead to Me” is angry and powerful and is one of the highlights. Other highlights include: “Pro Activity”, “Man Up” and the excellent closer “Rise and Fall”. The Connecticut metal scene is growing and Continuum is one of the better bands out there. “Rise and Fall” is a solid debut from a band that is definitely one to watch out for.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Waters Rising
  2. Reckoning
  3. Dead to Me
  4. Pro Activity
  5. Faster Run
  6. Bleed Us Dry
  7. Embers
  8. Man Up
  9. Rise and Fall


Line Up

  • Brenda St. Amant – Vocals
  • Bryan Reilly – Lead Guitar
  • Jason Niezgorski – Lead Guitar
  • Tony Mica – Bass
  • Darrin Yardley – Drums



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