Cornerstone – “Reflections” (2016)


Label: ATOM Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The tagline for the new album from Austrian Rockers Cornerstone reads: “enjoy this unhip, uncool, un-sexy music”. The mere fact that they don’t consider themselves hip, cool and sexy, makes them hip, cool and sexy. There is something to be said for not following trends or what is cool and doing exactly what you want. With their new album, “Reflections”, Cornerstone are doing exactly what they want to do. That, in my book, makes them uber cool and “Reflections” is quite an enjoyable record. Cornerstone provides the listener with catchy melodies, vocal harmonies and plenty of hard rockin’ moments with the odd sappy, sentimental ballad throne in to make things complete. Songs like “Nothing to Lose”, “Last Night” and “Heart on Fire” showcases the bands affinity for writing great melodic song, with strong hooks. “Whatever” is a great ballad which highlights the other end of the spectrum. Other highlights include: “Northern Light”, “Sooner or Later” and “Once”. So while, “Reflections” may not be considered trendy or cool or hip in today’s musical climate, it is an honest and entertaining record with a lot to offer. If you are missing what a band like say, Saraya used to do than I would definitely recommend Cornerstone. Cornerstone is an unapologetically melodic hard rock band who write great riffs and great songs.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Nothing to Lose
  2. Last Night
  3. Heart on Fire
  4. Whatever
  5. True Confessions
  6. Northern Light
  7. Brother
  8. Sooner or Later
  9. Believe in Me
  10. Once


Line Up

  • Alina Peter – Vocals, Guitars
  • Steve Wachelhofer – Guitars, Vocals
  • Micheal Wachelhofer – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Christoph Karas – Drums, Percussion




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