Coronatus – “Atmosphere” (2021)


Coronatus – “Atmosphere” (2021)

Massacre Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Coronatus - "Atmosphere" (2021)

If you have never heard of Coronatus, they have a substantial body of work and “Atmosphere” sees them reach a double digit album count. Their sound is typically comprised of multiple female vocals with folk-symphonic-metal backing. Here the folk element is accentuated well throughout with the use of violin. First impressions of “Atmosphere” are of a genre spanning celebration spanning the bombastic to folkish with tributes to influences and inspirations throughout. This is likely to please long term fans and new listeners alike.

Nightwish is named in “Williwaw (A Musical Tribute To Nightwish)” (video here), the track features the Nightwish ‘driven’ approach however the following track “Time of the Raven” is a good cover version of the Nightwish instrumental, “Last of the Wilds” with lyrical content added by Coronatus.

“Firedance” blends in reggae interludes with the band going full tilt in a song celebrating the (beginning of summer) Beltane bonfire. The medieval sounding songs on Atmosphere are many, enough for me to think there is a tilt of the hat toward the music of Blackmore’s Night. There is a hint of The Rolling Stones“Paint It Black” in second to final track, “Keeper of Souls” and the album closes out with big band swing on “Big City Life”.

Rating – 83/100


  1. Intro
  2. Justice In The Sky
  3. To The Gods Of Wind & Sun
  4. Firedance
  5. The Distance
  6. Williwaw (A Musical Tribute to Nightwish)
  7. Time Of The Raven
  8. The Swarm
  9. Keeper Of Souls
  10. Big City Life


  • Moni Francis – Vocals
  • Leni Eitrich – Vocals
  • Axel Grill – Guitars
  • Kristina Jülich – Violin
  • Mark Knaus – Bass
  • Mats Kurth – Drums

Coronatus – “Atmosphere” (2021)

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