Coronatus – “Recreatio Carminis” (2013)


Label: Massacre Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Germany’s Coronatus were formed in 1999 and have just released their 5th album, “Recreatio Carminis”. Their style is symphonic metal but they also manage to work in different styles, influences and nuances on their new album, but really that has been something the band has been very good at throughout their career. Coronatus also employs three female lead singers, each with their own styles, that in and of itself is a pretty unique thing.

The intro “Ouvertuere” provides us with a rather cinematic opening before segueing into “Towards Horizon”. The majority of the bands lyrics are sung in German with the next track “In Meinem Reich” being a huge favorite. The next track is “The Monk” and it has a heavy, upbeat vibe and features the violin rather prominently this is another excellent track. There is a lot of good stuff to be found on “Recreatio Carminis”, for example: “Schwester”, “Elisa (Eleven Swans)” and “So Tanzt”.

On their 5th album “Recreatio Carminis”, Coronatus continues to grow. The evolution of Coronatus has been a pleasure to watch and I’m sure it will continue.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Ouvertuere
  2. Towards Horizon
  3. In Meinem Reich
  4. The Monk
  5. Schwester
  6. Der Gesandte
  7. Winterrosen
  8. Elisa (Eleven Swans)
  9. Sternenstaub
  10. So Tanzt
  11. Erhebt die Wogen
  12. Fernes Land (featuring Carmen)
  13. Sie Stehen am Weg (feat. Carmen)


Line Up

  • Carmen R. Lorch – Vocals
  • Ada Flechtner – Vocals
  • Mareike Makosch – Vocals
  • Aria Keramati Noori – Guitars
  • Dirk Baur – Bass (Live)
  • Pinu’u Remus – Keys & Orchestra
  • Mats Kurth – Drums


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