Label : Relapse Records

Review by Matteo Bussotti

This split album divides into two 18-minute-long parts. Cough deliver a single, long song, which is more of an immersive experience rather than a simple song. Windhand give us two songs, for a most fast-paced experience, even if the second one, “Shepherd’s Crook”, is more slow-paced and “doomy”. If you’re looking for a proper doom album, you found it. This one is made by two excellent bands, too! I don’t think, if you’re into the genre, you’ll be disappointed for one second by “Reflection of the Negative”. Its slow, heavy rhythms, gloomy lyrics, heavily distorted guitars deliver sensations only well-made doom metal can.

In particular, Cough‘s song, “Athame”, is a lot more atmospheric than Windhand‘s ones; you’ll get trapped into it for its slow beat which makes you almost feel uncomfortable, but in a beautiful way. The guitars, with their heavy chords, deliver such power you’ll feel overwhelmed by them…and I couldn’t ask for more from a song like this.

Windhand‘s part, on the other hand (I had to say it), it’s much more “energetic”…for how much a doom song can be energetic. “Amaranth”, in particular, has some heavy riffs and guitar-work, which will make you headbang like a madman, with some pretty cool singing, too! “Shepherd’s Crook” is much more similar to “Athame”, even if it’s less gloomy, and keeps a more heavy atmosphere. In conclusion, this is a very short album, it has 3 songs in it, even if the total length is about 36 minutes. If you like Doom Metal, you’re probably going to love it, undoubtedly. If you don’t love Doom, but still love very powerful Metal, I think you’re still gonna like it. Give “Reflection of the Negative” a chance, the worst that can happen is that you’ll fall in love with one of the two bands…or both of them!

Rating – 78/100



  1. Cough – Athame
  2. Windhand – Amaranth
  3. Windhand – Shepherd’s crook


Line Up


  • David Cisco – Guitars & Vocals
  • Brandon Marcey – Guitars
  • Parker Chandler – Bass & Vocals
  • Joey Arcaro – Drums



  • Dorthia Cottrell – Vocals
  • Asechiah Bogdan – Guitars
  • Garrett Morris – Guitars
  • Parker Chandler – Bass
  • Ryan Wolfe – Drums



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