Crimson Sun – “Towards the Light” (2015)


Label: Maple Metal Records

Review by CriX

Crimson Sun is a melodic band from Finland and after many changes, the band has a stable line-up since singer Sini Seppälä has joined the band  backin 2011. The debut of this band, “Towards the Light”, leaves you breathless because it’s just perfect, the sound mixes progressive with electronical parts and it reminds me somehow of Symphony X‘s releases. The first track “The Storm” is powerfull and catchy, the aggressive voice flows on the badass riffs. “Towards the Light” is a song that gets straight to the heart, I love the rhythm changes and how Sini‘s voice fits perfectly. The dark sound of “Portrait of a Ghost” with the catchy chorus and the melancholic detachment of keyboards make this song one of the best of the whole album. “Memories Burning” is the last track of the album and it’s ‘soft’-est one, I love how the song was structred. The art work on the cover is a creation of Slobicus Doomicus, an artist from Serbia, and it represent perfectly the meaning of this album. In short, his is an album that works perfectly in every way also if you like band like Symphony X and Lullacry you will love this album.

Rating – 90/100



  1. The Storm
  2. Eye of the Beholder
  3. Awaken
  4. Towards the Light
  5. The Herald
  6. Portrait of a Ghost
  7. Enter the Silence
  8. The Spark
  9. Clockwork Heart
  10. Memories Burning


Line Up

  • Sini Seppälä – Vocals
  • Joni Junnila – Guitars
  • Miikka Hujanen – Keyboards
  • Jukka Jauhiainen – Bass
  • Antti Rantavuo – Drums

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