Cross Vein – “Birth of Romance” (2012)


Label: Black-Listed Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

On their debut full-length album, “Birth of Romance”, Japan’s Cross Vein plays Stratovarius/Rhapsody style power metal. Throughout the 11-song, 54-minute disc, the band offers up some energetic, soaring music that will surely satisfy fans of the aforementioned bands.

The intro “Birth of Romance” segues into the strong “Noble Scar” and we are off and running. The eerie piano intro kicks off the next tune “Obstructed Melody” as the song progressively picks up the feverish pace. The song “Incomplete Requiem” quickly became one of my favorites. This song is dramatic and symphonic and is the song I would refer anyone to who would like to check out this band. Among the highlights: “Protect the Core”, “Moon Addict” and “Ever After”. “Birth of Romance” features plenty of up-tempo melodies that one might expect with quality power metal.

“Birth of Romance” keeps up its energetic, bouncy up-tempo power metal pace throughout the entirety of CD. On their debut, Cross Vein must be commended for a job well done.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Birth of Romance
  2. Noble Scar
  3. Obstructed Melody
  4. Incomplete Requiem
  5. Protect the Core
  6. Moon Addict
  7. Ever After
  8. Hidden Star
  9. The Mysterious Room
  10. Sweet Spell
  11. Lacrimosa


Line Up

  • Julia – Vocals
  • Yoshi – Guitar
  • Masumi – Guitar
  • Youske – Bass
  • Isseke – Keyboards
  • Koh – Drums


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