Label: AFM Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Poland’s Crystal Viper is fast becoming one of the best bands in the traditional/true heavy metal genre. Actually to say that they are “becoming” one of the best true metal bands is not entirely accurate, because they have been at the forefront for a number of years. When last we heard from Crystal Viper, it was on the 2012 album “Crimen Excepta”. Now, it’s time to get out the denim and leather once again because the band returns with their 5th album, a concept album called “Possession”.

“Possession” is a concept album about a girl named Julia who is well… possessed. Crystal Viper blazes a pounding, traditional metal path throughout the 10-song, 45-minute opus. “Possession” opens with the intro “Zeta Reticuli” which sets just the right atmosphere before charging into the full-on metal assault of “Voices In My Head” this is the Crystal Viper that we know and love with vocalist Marta Gabriel at her snarling best. “Julia is Possessed” comes thrashing out of the gate. On this one Marta shares vocals with Sataniac from the German Black/Thrash metal band Desaster. He is on hand to lend his gruff vocals and make an aggressive song even more so. On “Fight Evil With Evil” we hear another guest vocalist. Harry Conklin from Jag Panzer shares vocal duties and the results are excellent. Other highlights include: “Mark of the Horned One”, “Why Can’t You Listen?” and “We Are Many”. The limited edition features a bonus track cover of “Thundersteel” originally done by the classic American metal outfit RIOT. This is a solid choice and continues Crystal Viper’s tradition of covering interesting songs.

Make no mistake about it, Crystal Viper are not trying to re-invent the wheel, but at the same time their new album “Possession” is so much more than just an homage to a bygone era. Crystal Viper breathes new life into traditional heavy metal and “Possession” is another powerful chapter.

Rating – 86/100



  1. Zeta Reticuli
  2. Voices In My Head
  3. Julia is Possesses
  4. Fight Evil With Evil
  5. Mark of the Horned One
  6. Why Can’t You Listen?
  7. You Will Die You Will Burn
  8. We Are Many
  9. Prophet of the End
  10. Thundersteel (RIOT cover)


Line Up

  • Marta Gabriel – Vocals, guitars
  • Andy Wave – Guitars
  • Michal Badocha – Bass
  • Golem- Drums



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