CRYSTAL VIPER – “The Last Axeman” Mini-LP (2022)

Polish Heavy Metal heroes Crystal Viper are back with the Mini LP “The Last Axeman” that features special covers and re-recordings. Enjoy the review!

CRYSTAL VIPER – “The Last Axeman” Mini-LP (2022)

Listenable Records

Review by Tony Cannella

CRYSTAL VIPER - "The Last Axeman" Mini-LP (2022)
CRYSTAL VIPER – “The Last Axeman” Mini-LP (2022)

Polish Heavy Metal heroes Crystal Viper released their latest full-length album “The Cult” last year. And, it was everything you could want in a Crystal Viper album and more. With each album, the band continues to raise the bar for traditional heavy metal. Now in 2022, the band is back with an 8-song, 37-minute mini-CD entitled “The Last Axeman”.

The opening track is a re-recording of a Crystal Viper classic from their debut, “The Last Axeman”. Marta’s vocals are – as always – otherworldly and the riffs and guitar solos are huge.

The next one is the brand-new “In the Haunted Chapel”. Whose all of the lyrics on their previous “The Cult” album is inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Besides, the band is on fire with Marta’s vocals, great guitar solos, and perfect guitar harmonies. By showing off some of their influences while also displaying their passion for classic heavy metal Indeed, Crystal Viper has always chosen some great metal songs to cover. This time, they covered three songs: “Welcome Home” by King Diamond. Then, “Ulitsa Roz” by the Russian band Aria. And, “It’s Electric” by NWOBHM legends, Diamond Head.

They do an incredible job on both covers. The Mini-LP closes with four songs from “The Cult” recorded live as part of the #RockOutSessions. Indeed, “The Cult”, “Asenath Wait”, “Whispers from Beyond” and “Flaring Madness” are all delivered with a ferocity that is typical of the band.

Crystal Viper is a heavy metal band in its truest form. They wear their metal heart on their sleeve. Their passion and love for the genre always come shining through. And “The Last Axeman” is no exception.

  1. The Last Axeman
  2. In The Haunted Chapel
  3. Ulitsa Roz (Aria cover)
  4. It’s Electric (Diamond Head cover)
  5. The Cult
  6. Asenath Waite
  7. Whispers From Beyond
  8. Flaring Madness

Line Up
  • Marta Gabriel – vocals, guitars
  • Andy Wave – guitars
  • Eric Juris – guitars
  • Blaze Grygiel – bass
  • Cederick Forsberg – drums

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