Dalriada – “Napisten Hava” (2012)


Label: Hammer Music/Nail Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Dalriada is a Folk metal band from Hungary and “Napisten Hava” is their 7th album. They were formed in 1998 under the banner of Echo of Dalriada, but did not release their debut until 2004 and they changed their name to their current one in 2006. While their new album is heavy on the Folk aspects, it also provides over 60-minutes worth of heaviness and power.

All of the lyrics on “Napisten Hava” are sung in their native Hungarian and have a toe-tapping up-tempo quality to them for the most part. With Violins being used as a prominent instrument the band tears through such memorable songs as “A Dudas”, “Napisten Hava” and the speed metal influenced “Napom, Fenyes Napom”. It may be difficult for non-Hungarians to pronounce some of the titles, but music is definitely universal and there is no denying the beauty and power that Dalriada’s music possesses. For fans who love heavy doses of Folk to go along with their metal than I would strongly suggest they check out “Napisten Hava”. Dalriada has the potential to become one of the leading bands in the genre.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Intro (Egy czardas Csikbol)
  2. A Dudas
  3. Tunderkert
  4. Napom, Fenyes Napom
  5. Napisten Hava
  6. Julianus Utja
  7. Puszta Fold
  8. Hunyadi es Kapisztran Nadorfehervari Diadalarol (Saltarello)
  9. Hirhozo
  10. Borivok Eneke
  11. A Juhaszlegeny Balladaja
  12. Outro (Lassu Magyaros Gyirnesbol)


Line Up

  • Laura Binder – Vocals, Flute & Violin
  • Andras Ficzek – Vocals & Guitars
  • Matyas Nemeth Szabo – Guitars
  • Istvan Molnar – Bass
  • Barnabas Ungar – Keyboards
  • Tadeusz Riekmann – Drums & Harsh vocals


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