Destrose – “Destrose” (2013)


Label: Flyingcat Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Wow! There is so much great metal coming from all parts of the world these days that it so hard stay on top of it sometimes. In particular, Japan has really picked it up as of late. One of the best bands I’ve heard from Japan in quite awhile is the all female band Destrose. The band formed in 2005 and have just released their mind-blowing, powerhouse, excellent (insert adjective here) self-titled debut.

The thing about Destrose that really caught me by surprise is how metal they are. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. The band is clearly influenced by Iron Maiden, Helloween and other power metal bands. The songs are soaring with some great solos, guitar harmonies and the band never comes up for air. It is just a full-on melodic metal assault with not a ballad in sight. The opening instrumental “The Generations of Chaos” is a fine way to start and certainly made me sit up and take notice. From there the band launch into the crushing “Headless Goddess”. This song is driven by a pounding riff and some cool guitar harmonies. The powerful riffing becomes even more evident on the next track “Sword of Avenger”. This song is helped by an infectious melody which is just plain killer. From there, the riffs and metal keep coming on the songs: “Skykiller” (just a great track), “Romancer” and “Destination” among others.

Destrose is handled by Babel Entertainment ( for booking in the U.S. and they will also be presenting Destrose in Kansas City from March 14-16. If you are in the area I would urge you to check them out. Hopefully, the rest of the U.S. is next on their agenda. Please?

Rating – 94/100


  1. The Generations of Chaos
  2. Headless Goddess
  3. Sword of Avenger (remix)
  4. Skykiller
  5. Destination (album version)
  6. Romancer
  7. Fenixx (album version)
  8. Lifer 13
  9. Nostphilia (album version)
  10.  破壊の薔薇


Line Up

  • Marina – Vocals
  • Mina – Guitar
  • Narumi – Guitar
  • Miho – Bass
  • Haruna – Drums


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