Dhune – “Silence of Sound” (2012)


Label : Revalve Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Dhune is an alterna-metal band from Italy. They were formed in 1997 and released their debut album “Medusa” in 2007. Their second album is called “Silence of Sound” and it is chock full of chunky, heavy riffs and the duel male/female lead vocals of Elisa Paganelli and Davide Belfiglio (who also plays guitar).

I was impressed with the melodicism of the songs whilst still managing to be heavy. The Pantera like riff opens the album on the song “Addicted”, this is a good song, me thinks but there is better to come – right from the start you get a taste of the two vocals and it is quite apparent that they have great chemistry together. She has a clean voice and his is more of a metal (but not grunting, growling or screaming) voice. The next song “Fears You Claim” turned out to be one of my favorites. The vocals are handled mostly by the male Davide who at times sounds a bit like James Hetfield on this one. Elisa is there for support on the chorus and melodies. Next, it is Elisa’s turn to shine on the mid-tempo “A Place to Be” – she handles all of the vocals on this one – and it turned out to be another favorite. Throughout the 44-minute disc Dhune has the ability to go from aggressive, raw and mean to more accessible hard rock/metal – “A Place to Be” is just one of the examples here. “In Vain” picks up the heaviness and aggression with one of their trademark huge guitar riffs. Other highlights include: “Needles and Rust”, “Hide Your Smile”, “No Trace of You” and “Evanescence” (yes that is really the title of the song and no it is not a tribute to the band of the same name).

“Silence of Sound” is a multi-tiered debut from a band that has a lot to offer the metal community. FYI: I might have enjoyed it a lot more if not for the annoying ‘AVS media demo’ promo messages that comes across every five seconds or so. Despite that annoyance I can tell that there is something very cool about this band and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Rating – 74/100



  1. Addicted
  2. Fears You Claim
  3. A Place to Be
  4. In Vain
  5. Needles and Rust
  6. Hide Your Smile
  7. Silence of Sound
  8. No Trace of You
  9. Evanescence
  10. Feeding


Line Up

  • Elisa Paganelli – Female Vocals
  • Davide Belfiglio – Guitars & Voice
  • Francesco Destri – Guitars
  • Giovanni Antonelli – Bass
  • Marco Campanini – Drums


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