Label: Napalm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The Spanish symphonic metal outfit Diabulus in Musica returns with their third album “Argia”. The band first burst onto the scene with their debut release “Secrets” via Metal Blade in 2010. After moving to Napalm Records, DIM released “The Wanderer” in 2012 and that brings us to this new record “Argia”.

The intro “Et Resurrext (Libera Me)” gets things off to an interesting start as it reaches its crescendo and segues into the bombastic almost thrash metal like “From the Embers”. This is just a great power metal tune with a beautiful up-tempo melody, very VERY heavy and Zuberoa Aznarez sharing vocals with keyboardist Gorka Elso who contributes some pretty ferocious growls. The next track “Inner Force” is another good one. This song has a great melody with some choir vocals throughout the track. The orchestral “Furia de Libertad” features a duet with Ailyn from Sirenia and is another huge highlight. Other highlights include: “Maitagarri”, “Sed Diabolus” and “Mechanical Ethos”. “Encounter at Chronos’ Maze” features guest vocals from Thomas Vikström (Candlemass, Therion, Brazen Abbot) and is a hugely operatic and bombastic song and also one of my favorites.

Diabulus in Musica has steadily progressed throughout their career as you would hope that a young band would. Still, “Argia” is a release that maintains their signature sound and I am sure it will keep longtime fans happy whilst winning over new devotees.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Et Resurrexit (Libera Me)
  2. From The Embers
  3. Inner Force
  4. Furia de Libertad (feat. Ailyn Giménez)
  5. Maitagarri
  6. Sed Diabolus
  7. Eternal Breeze
  8. Mechanical Ethos
  9. Spoilt Vampire
  10. Encounter at Chronos’ Maze (feat. Thomas Vikström)
  11. Healing
  12. Horizons
  13. Indigo


Line Up

  • Zuberoa Aznárez – Vocals
  • Alexey Kolygin – Guitars
  • Gorka Elso – Keyboards & Growls
  • Odei Ochoa – Bass
  • David Carrica – Drums



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