Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Dying Like A Mayfly is a Gothic metal band from Japan. Their debut EP is entitled, “Dying Mayfly”. The mixing of gothic metal and heavy pop of “Dying Mayfly” gets us off to a fast start. The eerie – almost horror movie like – “Whiteberry Shining Cicada” is next and is my favorite song. The vibe of this one is ominous and the sweet vocals of Rosiel make it even more so. Next is “At Sea” and this proves to another strong track. The final song is the ambience fueled “Everlasting Requiem”.

Die Like A Mayfly are interesting in the way that they combine Gothic metal with almost a heavy pop sound.

There are many different elements at work here and that contributes in making “Dying Mayfly” a worthwhile listen.

Rating – 76/100



  1. Dying Mayfly
  2. Whiteberry Shining Cicada
  3. At Sea
  4. Everlasting Requiem


Line Up

  • Rosiel – Vocals
  • Taguzu – Guitars
  • Aria – Keyboards
  • Yossy – Bass & Guitar
  • Chiyozo – Drums & Growl



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