Diemonds – “Never Wanna Die” (2015)


Label: Napalm Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

A zombie crawls from the grave on the cover of the latest Diemonds album as the hard rock starts up and keeps going for 34 minutes. There is no fooling around for the band, that zombie is coming for them. They have to keep the riffs and the tough attitude going or they will get a mouth full of rotting teeth gnawing of their brains, and they “Never Wanna Die”.

This is an energetic album that sits on the heavy side of hard rock. With one song over 4 minutes, one under 3 minutes, and the rest in between, each song crams a great rock voice, powerful drums, riffing guitars and guitar solo into the few minutes that are available. Each person will probably have their favourites, it really is all good on this album. Personally, I love “Wild At Heart”, “Hell Is full”, “Save Your Life” and “Ain’t That Kinda Girl”. “Secret” is the slowest song on the album, but have no fear it rocks plenty enough to keep the zombies at bay. There is a lyric video available for the first single from the album – “Over It”. The song reflects the type of content you will find on the album, I like seeing the lyrics being slashed into a set of gravestones.

“Never Wanna Die” is a great rock album, the band demonstrate plenty of energy – they are definitely alive. This is the first time that I have heard Diemonds music, but it is good enough for me to check out their first two albums. Keep the zombies away – play this album!

Rating – 85/100



  1. Never Wanna Die
  2. Hell Is Full
  3. Over It
  4. Ain’t That Kinda Girl
  5. Secret
  6. Better Off Dead
  7. Forever Untamed
  8. Wild At Heart
  9. Meet Your Maker
  10. Save Your Life


Line Up

  • Priya Panda – Vocals
  • C.C. Diemond- Guitar
  • Daniel Dekay – Guitars
  • Adam Zlotnik – Bass
  • Aiden Tranquada – Drums







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