District 97 – “In Vaults” (2015)


Label: Laser’s Edge

Review by Alysha Hayden

“In Vaults” is the third album for the Chicago based mix of pop/alternative/progressive rock band, District 97. “In Vaults” opens with “Snow Country” which really sets the tone for the album, giving the listener a good taste of how well they blend their genres together seamlessly and effortlessly. The lyrics are also intriguing with lines like, “if this is bliss then sign me up for torture”. “A Lottery” starts off softly with some keys and vocalist, Leslie Hunt’s voice. The gradual introduction of other instruments brings the song to a rise at the chorus. Towards the end they’ve gone for a futuristic sound with the guitar solo which is quite clever. “The Takeover” starts with a rocking progressive sound that draws you into the lyrics which carry to you a big chorus that showcases Leslie’s beautiful voice. This is a track that you can’t help but singing along to, not matter what you’re doing. “In Vaults” closes with “Blinding Vision”, an epic tale with cello backing that will easily take you away to a mystical place full of devils wings. When the drums join in, so does Jim Tashjian with some great backing vocals to bring this tortured tale to a close. This album was very creative and has certainly set the tone for the group now that they have a few records under their belts together. The cover art by German artist Björn Gooßes from Killustrations who also did their other albums certainly brings a unique visual artistry to this eccentric album.

Rating – 70/100


  1. Snow Country
  2. Death by a Thousand Cuts
  3. Handlebars
  4. A Lottery
  5. All’s Well That Ends Well
  6. Takeover
  7. On Paper
  8. Learn from Danny
  9. Blinding Vision


Line Up

  • Leslie Hunt – Vocals
  • Jim Tashjian – Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Rob Clearfield – Keys, Guitar
  • Partrick Mulcahy – Bass
  • Jonathon Schang – Drums, Percussion






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