Docker’s Guild – “The Mystic Technocracy: Season 1- The Age of Ignorance” (2012)


Label : Lion Music

Review by Tony Cannella

It doesn’t get more progressive or grandiose than Docker’s Guild. This project is put together by Douglas R. Docker (Biloxi, Area 51) and bears his name (along with his brother Donald). The first in a five season series is titled “The Mystic Technocracy – Season 1: The Age of Ignorance” and will be followed by four more seasons. An outstanding list of musicians has been assembled for this release which can only be described as epic progressive rock and metal.

With a playing time of almost 80-minutes, “The Mystic Technocracy” is filled to capacity and there is no shortage of epic numbers. Some of the songs definitely recall old school progressive rock (like Yes and older Genesis) combined with more current prog metal and veering off into other territories. Obviously a lot of thought went into writing and crafting the songs to go along with the concept. The conceptual end of things is quite intriguing as it tells a science fiction story and there will be more chapters to come. Among some of the talented musicians who take part in this project, the only female is Amanda Somerville (Trillium). Aside from her we have ex-Yngwie singer Göran Edman, John Payne from (the band) Asia and Tony Mills (Shy and TNT). Despite the intricate nature and epic-ness of some of the songs, the music is easily digestible and very like-able. The album is very song driven and not prog for the sake of being prog – which is something that I really like about this. Some highlights include: “The Mystic Technocracy”, the 8-Minute “Darwin’s Tears”, “The Divine Comedy” and the 11-minute “The Secret of DNA” which is divided into three parts: “The Secret of DNA (Part 1)”, “Purple Orb” and “The Secret of DNA” (Part 2)” – this is actually what I would consider the center piece of the album, this is just a great epic number.

With “The Mystic Technocracy”, Docker’s Guild has produced an album that should appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Star One and Ayreon. This is some seriously technical prog rock and not something to put on as merely background music. This is probably one of the better rock project albums I’ve heard in quite awhile and I eagerly wait for season two through five.

Rating – 88/100



  1. A Matter of Energy
  2. The Mystic Technocracy
  3. Darwin’s Tears
  4. Norse Cosmogony (Part 1)
  5. Norse Cosmogony (Part 2)
  6. Judeo-Christian Cosmogony
  7. The Divine Comedy
  8. Legion of Aliens
  9. Loving the Alien
  10. The Gem of Love
  11. The Secret of DNA (Part 1)
  12. Purple Orb
  13. The Secret of DNA (Part 2)
  14. Prophecy
  15. Black Swans


Line Up

  • Douglas R. Docker – Vocals, Keyboards
  • John Payne – Lead and Backing Vocals
  • Göran Edman – Lead and Backing Vocals
  • Tony Mills – Lead and Backing Vocals
  • Amanda Somerville – Lead and Backing Vocals
  • Guthrie Govan – Guitar
  • Jeff Watson – Rhythm Guitars
  • Tony Franklin – Bass
  • Greg Bissonette – Drums
  • Magnus Jacobson – Drums
  • Donald D. Docker – Alto and Tenor Sax, Clarinet and Spoken Voices


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