Dunkelrot – “Mistress Fear” EP (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Yet another oddly named band, Dunkelrot is an alternative metal band from Italy. Musically they recall the glory days of such 90s alternative bands as Hole and L7. Their debut EP is called “Mistress Fear” and it features 4-songs and 15-minutes of confrontational alternative metal.

The ‘oh so subtle’ opening track “Choke” gets us started. This is an aggressive opener that pretty much shows what Dunkelrot is all about. “Mistress Fear” is next and has a slow, haunting intro as the song builds it turns into more of a straight-ahead punk-ish rock song. Lead vocalist Giulia alternates between whiny (and I don’t mean that in a bad way) vocals to more aggressive screaming type of vocals. “Wake Up” starts with a Motorhead type of riff and continues in a similar direction as the first two songs. “Wise Men” closes out the 15-minute demo, pretty much as it began,

Dunkelrot may not be everyone’s cup of tea – especially if you’re looking for operatic vocals and progressive arrangements, but Dunkelrot is a new breed of animal compared to a lot of metal that is coming out these days, so in that respect it is something a little different.

Rating – 68/100



  1. Choke
  2. Mistress Fear
  3. Wake Up
  4. Wise Men


Line Up

  • Giulia – Vocals
  • Chiara – Guitars & backing vocals
  • Sonia – Bass
  • Lory – Drums


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