E.V.E. – “Equations Vanquish Equality” EP (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Matteo Bussotti

E.V.E. (Equations Vanquish Equality) are a band formed by Vicky Psarakis, a greek/american singer in 2010, and, as their bio says: “The main concept behind it is the world we currently live in, everyday human situations and interactions, “disease”, and the kind of corruption that comes from within.”

In fact you’ll get caught up in their lyrics and songs very, very easily. These 4 songs have some of the most poetic lyrics ever written, in my opinion, at least recently. Moreover, Vicky has a beautiful voice, and she can unite many styles. In “Poetic Injustice”, for example, Vicky reads the lyrics, almost like if she’s acting, more than singing. The final effect is very impressive and beautiful. Of course, her voice really comes out in the other songs when she sings; her style is between prog-rock and melodic metal, and it surely is catchy, neither too powerful, nor too melodic or calm.

Lots of praise go to the other members of the band, of course, whose rhythms create a perfect mixture of different sounds. It’s really strange, maybe, while listening to this EP you’ll think “I’ve already heard stuff like this”, but there is something….inexplicable, which will keep you focused on this album.

As I said before, in my opinion, it’s the lyrics which really keep so high the EP’s levels, they are simply beautiful. E.V.E. really accomplished their task, by writing lyrics which deeply speak about humans, relationships, how this society is falling apart while we can’t even notice it, and how much damage we are doing to our planet. Look the lyrics up on the Internet, or simply stay focused while you listen to this EP, and you’ll love every single second of it. The only comparison, even if it doesn’t fit well with E.V.E., is with Gojira, a French metal band who speaks about environment and society, and whose lyrics are really, really deep. E.V.E. are at the same level, and may appeal to a bigger variety of people, with their soft but also powerful music, and their beautiful rhythms.

This EP is a trip for your ears and your mind. If you have the chance to listen to it, be sure not to miss it, I can assure you won’t regret it. We are very eager to listen more from E.V.E., and we can’t wait until their first album comes out!

Rating – 92/100


  1. Poetic Injustice
  2. Perpetual Dreamers
  3. The Planet’s Cry
  4. You Could

Line Up

  • Vicky Psarakis – Vocals, Main Composition & Lyrics


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