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Review by Warren Mayocchi

Averaging an album every two years since its formation, Edenbridge now offers “Dynamind” to us. The album’s title is inspired by the words of psychiatrist Carl Yung: “There is no consciousness without discrimination of opposites“. It is an inspirational phrase which bodes extremely well for the music on the latest album. The tension between contrasts found in song are powerful. Existing fans of the Edenbridge‘s style will find the content here pleasing, there is no drastic departure from their existing material. My own experience of Edenbridge is limited to a couple of existing albums, so I cannot provide a deeper critique of how the band’s tenth album fits within their catalogue. What I can say is Dynamind brings what I think might be an extra level of bright to the songs – possibly alike that of a joyful village fair with the band playing to the mood. Perhaps more like Blackmore’s Night that the other Edenbridge albums I have enjoyed. The folk instrumentation found in “On The Other Side” and the ‘James Bond’-esque style and sparse backing of “Dynamind” are influential in setting that scene as the rest of the album contains the heavy symphonic Edenbridge style.

Overall I like Dynamind – it is an album which takes flight and never falls. Importantly it is sufficiently sophisticated through harmonic contrasts to take me into the clouds as well. The album runs to fifty-five minutes of which just over twelve minutes are spent on “The Last Of His Kind“. It is a moody song which is the penultimate track before “Dynamind“. If we continue the airborne analogy just mentioned, the song takes the album and listener on a controlled descent back to Earth. As a complete experience I keep thinking of the effect “On The Other Side” has on the overall album and think it must be credited for the effect. However, each song is also a masterpiece, so it is difficult to apply too much focus to one track. Edenbridge have given us a classic with Dynamind and it has spurred me to pay attention to their back catalogue (another seven albums!).

Rating – 92/100


  1. The Memory Hunter
  2. Live And Let Go
  3. Where Oceans Collide
  4. On The Other Side
  5. All Our Yesterdays
  6. The Edge Of Your World
  7. Tauerngold
  8. What Dreams May Come
  9. The Last Of His Kind
  10. Dynamind

Line Up:

  • Sabine Edelsbacher – Vocals
  • Lanvall – Lead & rhythm guitars, bass, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, orchestration, Hammered Dulcimer, Kacapi, Bouzouki, Mandolin
  • Dominik Sebastian – Lead & Rhythm guitars
  • Johannes Jungreithmeier – Drums
  • Stefan Gimpl – Bass


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