Edenbridge – “The Bonding” (2013)


Label : SPV/Steamhammer

Review by Tony Cannella

On their long awaited eighth studio album, the Austrian symphonic metal icons Edenbridge continue where they left off on their previous album “Solitaire” which was released three long years ago. Ever since their debut “Sunrise in Eden” was released in 2000, the band has faced many line-up changes, but the two constants have remained lead vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher and multi-instrumentalist Lanvall and on “The Bonding” they continue to steer this symphonic metal ship onward and upwards.

Edenbridge continues to combine epic type numbers with shorter more accessible songs. The 7-minute “Mystic River” gets us started and is a great way for the band to announce their return. “Alight a New Tomorrow” is classic Edenbridge with memorable melodies and the steady vocals of Sabine. Highlights include: “Star-Crossed Dreamer”, “The Invisible Force” and “Shadows of My Memory (featuring grunt vocals courtesy of bassist Wolfgang Rothbauer). “Death Is Not the End” is a cool ballad that strikes a great balance between melancholy and optimism. The final song is the 15-minute symphonically charged epic (and I do mean epic, as in huge) title track. The band has made a history out of challenging themselves (and their listeners) musically and I am really not sure if they have ever done anything this grandiose and ambitious (and for Edenbridge, that’s saying something). The song is filled with symphonic elements and background choirs. The riffs and the tempo changes are amazing. For this song Sabine is joined by Erik Martensson on vocals. Quite simply, this is one of the best songs the band has ever done.

With “The Bonding”, Edenbridge doesn’t stray too far from what they began on their 2000 debut “Sunrise in Eden”, but that is not to say the new album is stale and retreaded material. The band is smart enough to know that they have to progress to remain relevant and I don’t think they would have lasted this long if they haven’t progressed. Still, Edenbridge are not trying to re-invent themselves either and they know what their fans want and have continued to reward their dedicated fan base with high caliber music. “The Bonding” is pure Edenbridge.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Mystic River
  2. Alight a New Tomorrow
  3. Star-Crossed Dreamer
  4. The Invisible Force
  5. Into a Sea of Souls
  6. Far Out of Reach
  7. Shadows of My Memory
  8. Death Is Not the End
  9. The Bonding


Line Up

  • Sabine Edelsbacher – Vocals
  • Lanvall – Lead, Rhythm and acoustic guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano & Kacapi
  • Dominik Sebastian – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
  • Wolfgang Rothbauer – Bass & grunts on “Shadows of My Memory”
  • Max Pointner – Drums


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