Edge of Attack – “Edge of Attack” (2013)


Label : Spread the Metal Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Canada’s Edge of Attack has recently been signed to the label Spread the Metal which is a great thing because it is clear to me that this four member outfit has something special. The songs that make up this 9-song, 47-minute debut delivers on so many different levels. Edge of Attack combines power metal with some old school thrash metal, some modern elements but is always mindful to infuse the songs with healthy doses of melody. I’m not sure which genre they belong in; the riffs border on thrash metal at times but they also mix it up with changes in tempo, some traditional metal style solos (guitarist Jurekk Whipple is just great!), technical metal and some straight up power metal – it’s all really well done. Vocalist Roxanne Gordey has got an excellent voice. She is not a thrash metal style screamer. Her vocals are clean yet gritty and they soar along with the music, she can take on an aggressive tone when need be, but most of the aggressive vocals are handled by Jurekk who contributes thrash metal like screaming vocals.

From the opening Megadeth like guitar riff of opener “Forever” it becomes apparent that Edge of Attack is a force to be reckoned with. The band has also filmed a video for “Forever” which can be viewed at their official web site. The next track “Rise Above” lulls the listener into a false sense of security with its subdued opening before transforming into one of the heavier tracks. This song turned out to be my favorite and is another great song with power metal combined with thrash riffs. Roxanne’s vocals are amazing on this one as well. “Take Me Alive” is another highlight; this song features some great chemistry between Roxanne and Jurekk on vocals. The riffs are definitely power metal and old school thrash inspired at times and Edge of Attack makes no bones or apologies where their influences lie. Guitarist Jurekk Whipple is also given free rein to show what he can do on guitar with some truly memorable solos and some great riffs. “Demon (of the Northern Seas)” has got a power metal vibe to it and quickly became a favorite. Other highlights include: “The Haunting”, “The Damned” and “Edge of Attack”.

There is really nothing negative I can say about Edge of Attack, they simply deliver a debut that that is relentless, ferocious and consistent with great performances all the way around. I loved this band and I am happy that Spread the Metal has stepped up to the plate and given this Canadian band the chance they deserve.

Rating – 94/100



  1. Forever
  2. Rise Above
  3. Take Me Alive
  4. Demon (of the Northern Seas)
  5. The Haunting
  6. Edge of Attack
  7. The Damned
  8. Crimson Rain
  9. Set the World Aflame


Line Up

  • Roxanne Gordey – Vocals
  • Jurekk Whipple – Lead Guitars/Vocals
  • Dallas Dyck – Rhythm Guitar
  • Denver Whipple – Bass
  • Trevor Swain – Drums


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