Effloresce – “Coma Ghosts” (2012)


Label: Generation Prog Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Effloresce is a progressive metal band from Germany. Back in 2009 the band released their independent 3-song EP “Shades of Fate”. Effloresce now presents their full-length debut entitled, “Coma Ghosts”. Musically this band is a mix of several different genres – most notably prog – but there is also a classic metal influence to their sound. I would describe them as a cross between Dream Theater and early Fates Warning with a singer who is reminiscent (at times) of Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil and then at certain points she unleashes this guttural, extreme black metal style – which is surprising, to say the least. She doesn’t use this technique often, but when she does it is quite effective.

Even though “Coma Ghosts” only features 6-songs, it has a playing time of 54-minutes. There is a lot going on in the songs with epic, intricate arrangements and cool time changes. The duo of “Crib” and “Spectre Pt. I: Zorya’s Dawn” gets things off to a flying start. These two songs clock in at over 8-minutes and 10 ½ minutes respectively. The 3rd song is the fantastic 9-minute opus “Pavement Canvas”. The 3-minute “Undercoat” is an atmospheric instrumental that bridges the previous song to the next song “Swimming Through Deserts”. The whole thing is wrapped up quite nicely by the 16-minute monster epic “Shuteye Wanderer”. During this song lead vocalist Nicki alternates between her clean style and her extreme style to give it an effect like she is performing a duet with herself, if that makes any sense.

Effloresce is a band that puts their own twist to progressive music and the results are hugely entertaining. “Coma Ghosts” is the sound of a band that has an immense amount of confidence in their abilities and it shows.

Rating – 86/100



  1. Crib
  2. Spectre Pt. I: Zorya’s Dawn
  3. Pavement Canvas
  4. Undercoat
  5. Swimming Through Deserts
  6. Shuteye Wanderer


Line Up

  • Nicki Weber – Vocals, Growls, Flutes
  • Dave Mola – Guitars, Mellotrons
  • Chris Steingen – Guitars
  • Sebastian Ott – Bass
  • Tobi Süß – Drums


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