Eleanor – “Breathe Life into the Essence” (2013)


Label: Black-Listed Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Japan, Eleanor plays romantic melancholic metal with a neo-classical metal twist to it. Eleanor was formed in Osaka in 2005. They released their first demo in 2006, followed by another one in 2007 and finally their full-length debut “Circle of Lament” in 2008. Now the band returns with their second album, “Breathe Life into the Essence”.

Musically Eleanor certainly has some virtuosity and that comes through in the 43-minutes worth of music provided here. Lead vocalist Shiori Vitus has a voice that’s crystal clear and dramatic. Lead guitarist Ippei J. Malmsteen – and judging from the name, it’s easy to see who one of his influences is – is a great guitar player in his own right. Eleanor’s style melancholic and not that varied, but they do offer bits of neo-classical metal in the vein of early Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen. From the opening intro “T.M.D. (Time, Meditation and Dawn)” to the closing number “Fragments” the songs are well crafted, written and performed with most of the lyrics being sung in Japanese. Highlights include: “A Rain Song”, “Mourning” and “Prayer”.

Japan has always had a cool metal scene which has pretty much flown under the radar, now it is time for Eleanor to make their statement. With “Breathe Life into the Essence”, Eleanor takes their wide range of influences (some metal, some not) and puts it all together to create a solid sophomore release.

Rating – 85/100



  1. T.M.D. (Time, Meditation and Dawn)
  2. A Rain Song
  3. Fatal Movement
  4. Mourning
  5. Prayer
  6. Blue Moon
  7. Sleeping Water
  8. Once
  9. Fragments


Line Up

  • Shiori Vitus – Lead Vocals
  • Ippei J. Malmsteen – Guitar, Keyboards
  • Nao – Guitar
  • Lupin – Bass
  • Shark – Drums


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