Elegy of Madness – “Brave Dreams” (2014)


Label: Wormholedeath

Review by Tony Cannella

Elegy of Madness is a female fronted symphonic metal band from Italy. They formed in 2006 and in 2009 they released their debut full-length “The Bridge of Sighs”. Now, they return with their sophomore outing, entitled “Brave Dreams”.

Elegy of Madness is fronted by the operatic vocals of Anja Irullo. Sometimes operatic singers have the tendency to go overboard and perform something akin to vocal gymnastics, which is not the case with Anja. Her vocals are kept in check and are perfect in combination with the heaviness and technicality of the music. At certain points throughout the 51-minute CD she is joined by guitarist Tony Tomasicchio on extreme style background vocals. “Brave Dreams” also offers some pretty cool orchestration. Highlights include: “Sinner”, “For You”, “Runaway” and my favorite song “Brave Dreams”. The songs are well written, dramatic and melodic. It all makes for a great combination. Both musically and vocally Elegy of Madness has something beautiful to offer. “Brave Dreams” is a good album with some really excellent moments.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Suad
  2. Sinner
  3. For You
  4. Run Away
  5. Brave Dreams
  6. Red Dust
  7. Into the Tale
  8. The Sacred Willow
  9. Holding Your Hand
  10. 21st March
  11. Uomo


Line Up

  • Anja Irullo – Vocals
  • Tony Tomasicchio – Guitars and Backing Vocals
  • Luca Basile – Keyboards, cello and orchestra
  • Alex Martina – Bass
  • Lorenzo Chiafele – Drums



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