ElupiA – “Departure” SINGLE (2014)


Independent Release

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

“Departure” is the latest work from the Japanese-based band ElupiA. This single is a combination of new material and vibes from their previous album, “WILDERNESS”. As the song titles suggest, it is a continuation of the Hypnotizing Forest theme, with two additional movements. ElupiA shows its worth once again, displaying their ability in using elements from different genres in an original way. This time, the focus is on a new atmosphere. The orchestrations take a step back to give more space to Nene’s voice and guitars. The EP leans more on rock and groove than symphonic arrangements, but still manages to create a solemn imagery thanks to Nene’s operatic vocals, which range from standard melodies to experimental ones, almost echoing Tarja’s virtuosos in the first Nightwish albums. Overall, there is an improved harmony among all the instruments and the music flows better, allowing the mysterious atmosphere provided by the bilingual lyrics to reach the listener even if they do not understand Japanese. ElupiA is learning, with each new release, to better exploit their potential and deliver an innovative work.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Here We Go. The Hypnotizing Forest – second movement
  2. Sorceress ! The Hypnotizing Forest – third movement
  3. A New Page – Departure Mix


Line Up

  • Nene – Vocals
  • Yuvica – Organ
  • Hisa – Piano
  • Louisca – Guitar
  • Mats – Bass


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