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Review by Davide Torresan

ElupiA is a symphonic metal band coming from Japan. As initial description it could be too much generic, but there are two interesting elements you should know. The first one is the unusual and unexpected presence within the line-up of two keyboardists. By one side this choice contributed to strengthen the rhythmic section, while by the other it has enriched the band sound.

“Wilderness” is their debut (mini) album with which they look out to the renowned metal scene of the Land of the Rising Sun. The second feature of this group through which it stands out from the other clone bands of the European acts like Nightwish, Within Temptation and Epica, is the ability of mixing classical music, rock, electronics, little hints of jazz (listen to “Risky Wine”) and, sometimes, techno. In fact I would not talk of symphonic metal but avantgarde music since there are a lot of influences. Another important element of this band is the voice of the soprano singer Nene, whose it is clearly inspired by the one of the former singer of Nightwish, Tarja Turunen. It’s not a case that during the last months they proposed on stage some songs of the Finnish band. Even if I am no longer a fan of opera voices like I was in the past, I really enjoyed Nene‘s voice in “The Hypnotizing Forest”, which fits perfectly with the magniloquent orchestrations. “Wilderness” has all the defects of the classic first album for all the bands. Despite being naive and slightly derivative, it has elements that ElupiA should learn to develop if they want to do something really BIG. The premises are all there, I hope the group will be able to exploit them.

Rating – 68/100



  1. Risky Wine
  2. Man in the Fire – The Frantic Escape
  3. Fly My Butterfly (Retake)
  4. Ödland (Oedland)
  5. The Hypnotizing Forest (Retake)
  6. Forest Run. The Hypnotizing Forest – second movement
  7. I Like My Shoes


Line Up

  • Nene – Vocals
  • Yuvica – Organ
  • Hisa – Piano
  • Louisca – Guitar
  • Mats – Bass



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