Eluveitie – “The Early Years” (2012)


Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Review by Tony Cannella

When it comes to Folk Metal, it simply doesn’t get much better than the Swiss band Eluveitie. The band formed in 2002 and in 2004 they released their first EP “Ven”. In 2006 they released their debut full-length “Spirit” and have never looked back. Earlier this year they released their latest album “Helvetios” and now they are back with some newly released versions of old songs.

The first 6-songs that makes up “The Early Years” is a re-recording of their rare “Ven” EP; and next 11-songs is their debut album “Spirit” which has been re-mastered. The re-recordings of the songs from “Ven” (with their current line-up) are a huge highlight, since as I mentioned the EP is a rare and very hard to find these days. The songs on “Spirit” run the gamut of traditional folk-ish influenced numbers to poundingly heavy tracks like “Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom” and the re-mastering gives the songs an added kick.

The opening track “Spirit” has more of a heavy folk feel to it, which segues into the fast paced “Uis Elveti” which can be heard on the “Ven” recordings as well. “For the most part, “Spirit” is a juggernaut of an album on songs like “Your Gaulish War” and the thrashy “The Song of Life”. For newer fans of Eluveitie, “The Early Years” is a great way to delve into the beginnings of this band and older fans may be interested in the re-recorded versions of older material. Either way, this is an interesting package for fans old and new.

Rating – 83/100



Disc 1 (Re-recorded songs)
  1. Verja Urit an Bitus
  2. Uis Elveti
  3. Oro
  4. Lament
  5. Druid
  6. Jezaig


Disc 2 (“Spirit”)
  1. Spirit
  2. Uis Elveti
  3. Your Gaulish War
  4. Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom
  5. Aidu
  6. The Song of Life
  7. Tegernako
  8. Siraxta
  9. The Dance of Victory
  10. The Endless Knot
  11. Andro


Line Up

  • Chrigel Glanzmann – Vocals, Mandola & Mandolin, Tin & Low Whistles, Bagpipes, Bodhràn
  • Anna Murphy – Hurdygurdy, Vocals, Flute
  • Meri Tadic – Fiddle, Vocals
  • Ivo Henzi – Guitars
  • Simeon Koch – Guitars
  • Patrick Kistler – Tin & Low Whistles, Bagpipe
  • Kay Brem – Bass
  • Merlin Sutter – Drums


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