Embassy of Silence – “Verisimilitude” (2015)


Label: Inverse Records

Review by CriX

The Finnish progressive rock/metal ensamble Embassy of Silence is back with their third album “Verisimilitude”. The first track “Shame, Spin & Click” is a poppish song with some rock and jazz influences, the approach wasn’t the easiest but after a few of times that I’ve listened to it the chorus stucked immediately my head. “Thimble” is, in my opinion, THE best track from this album: I love so MUCH the slow and dark intro who then segues into Ines Lukkanen‘s velvetly voice whose progressive sound and its fairy chorus creates a mystical atmosphere. Track n #3 “Absurdoscope” with its badass guitar riffs and solos is a great song but it would be perfect without the studio joke at the ending. If Ines‘s vocals gets more sensual in “Moths”, in “Dear Mr. Steele” there is something dark in its sound even though the chorus is catchy and believe me, this gothic tune it’s the perfect track for closing the album. “Verisimilitude” is a poliedric album and it’s the perfect album for who appreciate bands that aren’t afraid to blend different geners in their sound whose one of the strenghts are the guitar solos as well as the voice: it’s an album that works from the first until the last track.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Shame, Spin & Click
  2. Thimble
  3. Absurdoscope
  4. Flamer
  5. Moths
  6. Hang Me High
  7. Of Matters Dark and Grey
  8. Dear Mr. Steele


Line Up

  • Ines Lukkanen – Vocals
  • Tero Kalliomäki – Lead Guitars
  • Jarno Suodenjoki – Rhythm Guitars
  • Samu Lahtinen – Bass
  • Make Lievonen – Drums






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