Enemy of Reality – “Arakhne” (2016)


Label: F.Y.B. Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Greece, Enemy of Reality were formed in 2013. Two years later after released their full-length debut ““Rejected Gods””EOR returns with their second album, ““Arakhne””. The band continues to offer the listener cinematic style symphonic metal of the highest caliber. Lyrically, Enemy of Reality has created an album based on an ancient Greek myth. Musically, lyrically and vocally the band continues to bring things to a new level. The cinematic ““Intro”” segues nicely into ““Reflected”” and provides the listener with a bombastic opening which sets the table rather nicely. ““Arakhne”” features several high-profile guests and the first one to appear is Fabio Lione, the former Rhapsody of Fire singer. He does a great job and the give and take between him and Iliana is excellent. Next is the mid-tempo “”Weakness Lies Within””. Lead vocalist Iliana shows off her diversity throughout the album as she shifts seamlessly between a mega-operatic style and a more mid-range approach. The piano led opening of ““Time Immemorial”” gives way to an all-out bombastic fury. Iliana is joined by a male voice with an extreme metal style on this one as she goes all-out with her vocals. This one is the heaviest song on the record. ““Nouthetisis”” is next and includes Jeff Waters from Annihilator on guitar. The other guest is Chiara Malvestiti from Therion and Crysalys for the song ““Showdown””. Other highlights include: “”Afraid No More””, ““In Hiding”” and “”I Spare You””. With ““Arakhne””, Enemy of Reality has release a symphonic metal record filled with power, passion, and grandeur.

Rating –- 83/100



  1. Intro
  2. Reflected (feat. Fabio Lione)
  3. Weakness Lies Within
  4. Time Immemorial
  5. Nouthetisis (feat. Jeff Waters from Annihilator)
  6. Afraid No More
  7. Showdown (feat. Chiara Malvestiti from Therion)
  8. Taste of Defeat
  9. In Hiding
  10. I Spare You
  11. A Gift of Curse


Line Up

  • Iliana Tsakiraki – Vocals
  • Steelianos Amoiridis- Guitars
  • Leonidas Diamantopoulos – Keyboards
  • Thanos – Bass
  • Philip Stone – Drums





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