Eternal Idol – “The Unrevealed Secret” (2016)


Label: Frontiers Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Fabio Lione is one of the most accomplished singers in metal. He has fronted a slew of bands, but the most notable of which is Rhapsody (later Rhapsody of Fire). The band always seemed to be on the verge of big international success. Having recently left Rhapsody of Fire, Fabio Lione returns with a new project, Eternal Idol. This new band sees him sharing lead vocals with female singer Giorgia Colleluori on their debut album, “The Unrevealed Secret” which is out via the super label Frontiers. Eternal Idol wastes little time in getting to the heart of the matter with the opener “Evil Tears”. Right away it is obvious that there is some great chemistry between the two vocalists. Musically the band is symphonic metal nirvana with touches of prog thrown in, making this a fun and refreshing record. After two more excellent songs, Eternal Idol launches into what became my favorite song “Is The Answer Far From God?”. Other highlights include: “Sad Words Unveiled”, “Hall of Sins” and “Feel Like I’m Dying”. There is no disputing that the vocal work by this duo is nothing short of mind boggling and the musicianship is top-notch. With “The Unrevealed Secret”, Eternal Idol have proven themselves to be an unstoppable force of nature.

Rating –- 95/100



  1. Evil Tears
  2. Another Night Comes
  3. Awake in Orion
  4. Is the Answer Far From God?
  5. Blinded
  6. Sad Words Unveiled
  7. Desidia
  8. Hall of Sins
  9. Feels Like I’m Dying
  10. A Song in the Wind
  11. Stormy Days
  12. Beyond


Line Up

  • Fabio Lione – Vocals
  • Giorgia Colleluori – Vocals
  • Nick Savio – Guitars, Keyboards, Piano and orchestral arrangements
  • Andrea Buratto – Bass
  • Camillo Colleluori – Drums

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