Eternal Silence – “Raw Poetry” (2013)


Label: Underground Symphony

Review by Tony Cannella

Hailing from Italy, Eternal Silence is a Symphonic Metal band. They formed in 2008 and in 2010 released the EP “Darkness and Regret”. In 2013 they issued their debut full-length “Raw Poetry” which is an epic piece of symphonic metal with cinematic influence.

“Raw Poetry” begins with a 1 ½ minute cinematic type intro that sets the mood as it segues into “The Day of Regret”. I would say that Nightwish probably serves as an influence to Eternal Silence, but that is not to say that they are a clone of the popular Finnish band – there are some similarities but Eternal Silence does enough to differentiate themselves from Nightwish. “The Day of Regret” begins with male vocals provided by guitarist Alberto Cassina. This something you will hear sporadically throughout “Raw Poetry” but the main vocalist is Marika Vanni who provides operatic vocals but she is capable of so much more as her vocals provide depth and emotion to the songs throughout the 55-minute album. “Braving My Destiny” is an awesome mid-tempo song and one of my favorites. “Incubus” begins with some cool church like organ before a bombastic riff joins the fray. “Forlorn Farewell” is an emotional piano driven ballad. There is much cool material on “Raw Poetry”. For example: “Lord of the Darkest Night”, “Braided Fates” and the 7-minute “Vigdis” which closes the album.

“Raw Poetry” is just a big sounding record. Eternal Silence is a band who knows what they want and delivers with the confidence of a veteran band. I really liked this band. It is hard to stand out from the increasingly crowded symphonic metal genre but I believe Eternal Silence has the talent and ability to do just that.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Musa
  2. The Day of Regret
  3. Braving My Destiny
  4. Incubus
  5. Forlorn Farewell
  6. Run In Search of Flame
  7. Lord of the Darkest Night
  8. Beneath This Storm
  9. Braided Fates
  10. December Demise
  11. Death and the Maiden
  12. Vigdis


Line Up

  • Marika Vanni – Vocals
  • Alberto Cassina – Guitar & Vocals
  • Davide Rigamonti – Guitar
  • Alessio Sessa -Bass
  • Davide Massironi – Drums


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