Eternyx – “Unknown Way” (2013)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Brazil, the band Eternyx formed in 2008 and has just issued their debut album “Unknown Way”. Throughout the 10-song 38-minute album, Eternyx offers various styles of metal, from death to doom to progressive to symphonic metal. Lead vocalist Aline Vandrack provides both clean and extreme vocals and the band is there every step of the way to compliment the duel vocal styles.

“Unknown Way” begins with the symphonic “Trust Me”. This is a huge sounding intro which segues nicely into the over-the-top bombast of “Lake of Tears”. The guitar riff is simply crushing on this one and the clean vocals soar right along with the music and the grunt vocals come into play as well on this one. “Death Angel” is next and is a great melodic tune with another huge riff – in fact one of my favorite things about Eternyx is the guitar playing courtesy of Vinicius Detoni. He’s got such a great style and sound – but the other musicians are up to the task as well. “Walking to Death” has a cool keyboard intro as the song takes off and features a cool marching rhythm and some cool guitar harmonies. This is without a doubt the best song that Eternyx has to offer (in my humble opinion). The band truly delivers on songs like: “Facing My Fears”, “Unknown Way” and “Independent of You”.

At times Eternyx is a bit rough around the edges, but that’s okay. “Unknown Way” showcases a young band full of enthusiasm, energy and power. Overall, I liked all of the various elements and influences that make up Eternyx. “Unknown Way” is an impressive debut.

Rating – 82/100



  1. Trust Me
  2. Lake of Tears
  3. Death Angel
  4. Walking to Death
  5. Facing My Tears
  6. Traveling Through My Madness
  7. Unknown Way
  8. Independently of You
  9. Preludio IX
  10. Everybody Wants to Go Back Home


Line Up

  • Aline Vandrack – Vocals & Grunts
  • Vinicius Detoni – Guitars
  • Julio César – Keyboards
  • Luana Braga – Bass


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