Eths – “Ex Umbra In Solem” EP (2014)


Label: Season of Mist

Review by Tony Cannella

The French modern metal band Eths have been around since 2000. The band released their last studio album in 2011 and now returns a new singer in Rachel Aspe and a new 30-minute EP entitled “Ex Umbra In Solem”.

“Ex Umbra In Solem” features one brand new song, three live tracks and three older songs re-recorded with their new vocalist Rachel Aspe. Their style runs the gamut to modern metal with traces of thrash and melodic death metal. Make no mistake about it; the songs are contentious and aggressive. The opening to the title song is a bit disarming but it immediately it segues into the thrashy riff-o-rama that makes up the opening track and the vocals alternate between the aggressive style and Rachel’s clean, melodic approach. From there we have three live tracks and the album is completed with three pretty cool older songs re-recorded with Rachel on vocals.

After listening to this new EP it is no wonder that Eths are making such a name for themselves in their home country. The songs are crushing and the production crisp. With the addition of Rachel, the band is poised to break out worldwide.

Rating – 76/100



  1. Ex Umbra In Solem
  2. Samantha (live)
  3. Bulimiarexia (live)
  4. Crucifere (live)
  5. Voragine (w/Rachel Aspe)
  6. Harmaguedon (w/Rachel Aspe)
  7. Proserpina (w/Rachel Aspe)


Line Up

  • Rachel Aspe – Vocals
  • Staif – Guitar & Vocals
  • Damien – Bass
  • Yom – Drums


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