Evenmore – “The Beginning” EP (2014)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Evenmore is a melodic symphonic/power metal band from Switzerland. Their debut EP is appropriately titled “The Beginning”“The curse is coming… Run” is the opening line to the fantastic first track “Willow”. The song has a mid-paced vibe with lead vocalist Melissa Bonny’s voice soaring along with the music. “Winter is Over” is next and pretty much picks up where the previous song left off. The track has a similar feel to “Willow” and features a pretty cool riff along with a great solo from Landry Pernet. “The Black Knight” brings the heaviness up a few notches with a monster opening riff and some mail death metal grows courtesy of Jonathan Pellet. “Sailor” completes the 4-song 18-minute EP with some great, melodic and heavy riffing as the track brings “The Beginning” to a galloping conclusion. Since this is only “The Beginning” for Evenmore I’m sure we can expect a full-length in the future from this talented Swiss outfit. “The Beginning” has lots to offer fans of melodic metal; good songwriting, great riffs, great vocals and great songs. One has to wonder what this band will come up with next.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Willow
  2. Winter Is Over
  3. The Black Knight (feat. Jonathan Pellet)
  4. Sailor


Line Up

  • Melissa Bonny – Vocals
  • Landry Pernet – Lead Guitar
  • Jeremy Oberson – Guitar & Accordion
  • Jeanne Bard – Keyboard
  • Frederic Jorand – Bass & Backing vocals
  • Matthieu Bopp – Flute & Bagpipe
  • Florian Bard – Drums




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