Evenoire – “Herons” (2014)


Label: Scarlet Records

Review by Tony Cannella

With their second full-length album, “Herons”, the Italian symphonic metal Evenoire continues what they started in 2008 with their debut EP “I Will Stay” and evolved on their debut full-length, “Vitriol”. Now with “Herons” that evolution continues.

The opening track “Herons” is less than 2-minutes long but creates a definite mood and atmosphere before then giving way to the energetic and bombastic “Drops of Amber”. 11-songs and 54-minutes worth of symphonic metal is presented here but the band also incorporate other influences such as folk metal, progressive metal and power metal. The important thing here though is the fact that “Herons” is their most focused release to date. The next track “Seasons of Decay” is just fantastic and my favorite track. It features some cool tempo changes and lead vocalist Lisy Stefanoni pushes her vocal talents to new heights. Did I mention this was my favorite track? I am a sucker for heavy music with healthy doses of melody and that is one of the things I find most appealing about Evenoire. “Love Enslaves” features a straight forward machine gun style riffing played in conjunction with a flute at the beginning of the song, but make no mistake this is a cool metal track. Other highlights include: “When the Sun Sets” and “Tears of Medusa”, but the whole thing is pretty much one big highlight. I may be a bit biased, but Evenoire is a band you can’t help but pull for. Musically, lyrically and artistically this is a band that has a lot to offer, and with “Herons” the proof is in the material.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Herons
  2. Drops of Amber
  3. Season of Decay
  4. Love Enslaves
  5. The Newborn Spring
  6. When the Sun Sets
  7. Tears of Medusa
  8. Devil’s Signs
  9. The Lady of the Game
  10. Wild Females
  11. Aries


Line Up

  • Lisy Stefanoni – Vocals & flute
  • Alessandro Gervasi – Guitar
  • Toshiro Brunelli – Guitar
  • Marco Binotto – Bass
  • Daniele Foroni – Drums


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