Evil-Lÿn – “The Night of Delusions” EP (2012)


Label : Iron on Iron Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Sometimes it is so cool to hear some good ‘ol fashioned traditional metal. The genre possesses some great bands – Crystal Viper, SlingBlade, BackSlash and White Skull as well some older favorites like Warlock, Zed Yago and Velvet Viper and now you can add another band to the list: Evil-lyn from Finland. Their debut EP “The Night of Delusions” includes five undeniably traditional heavy metal songs and over 20-minutes worth of classic sounding metal that definitely harkens back to another era yet still vibrant today.

The female fronted metal scene has never been in better shape, there is music, mood and styles for all tastes, but one of my favorite sub-genres is traditional heavy metal, and fortunately there are many great bands that do the genre a great service, like Evil-lyn. The intro of pounding hooves sets the table for the up-tempo Running Wild-esq opening number “Four Horsemen”. From one high energy song to the next, “The Night of Delusions” picks up where the previous song left off. The melodic guitar solo intro leads us into “Last of My Kind”. This song simply kills and is one of my favorites. “Crossroads” begins with a foreboding intro of rumbling thunder and church bells as the main riff kicks in. The final song “Silver Bullets” end things on a high note. There are no ballads on “The Night of Delusions”, it is just pure metal that drives the EP throughout its duration. Lead vocalist Johanna Rutto has a powerful and raspy straight-up metal voice – and while she technically may not be the best singer you will ever hear, she delivers her lines with such enthusiasm and passion. Like they say everything old is new again and bands like Evil-lyn definitely keeps the spirit of traditional heavy metal alive, “The Night of Delusions” is a perfect example – and that is no delusion.

Review – 90/100



  1. Four Horsemen
  2. The Night of Delusions
  3. Last of My Kind
  4. Crossroads
  5. Silver Bullets



  • Johanna Rutto – Vocals
  • Anssi Salonen – Guitars
  • Lasse Heikkila – Guitars
  • Marko Niemi – Bass
  • Jani Niemela – Drums


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